Indicator to show new activity (icon or bold task name)

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Could you please do something like bold the task name in the task list when a new comment is added, so we know that there is a new comment to read? Or add an icon next to the task name? It would be really handy so we can know when a reply has come in, when working in the project view.

OneNote has this feature – when a new page is added that the user who is logged in didn’t create, the title is bolded. It’s a very handy way of checking new additions.




I support this request/idea. I would prefer a small icon to bold text. The bold task name would make the task list a bit “unquiet”, I think.

I can see on potential problem: When I read a new comment and (I’m not coming from the inbox) would that change the inbox notification status of this comment to “read” or would I have to open the inbox to do this? That a possible redundancy.

That’s true. It would be good if the inbox and the project view could ‘talk’ to each other. Personally we use the hearts to indicate we’ve read a comment. Perhaps it could be linked to this, so that if a comment is ‘hearted’ this changes the status to ‘read’ in the inbox. Likewise, if a comment is marked as read in the inbox, no icon would appear in the project view. Obviously I have no idea how complicated this is, but it would certainly be handy!

I find I tend to work primarily in the project view - prefer the big picture approach rather than the activity feed approach. It would be so helpful to know when a new comment had been left whilst in this view.

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Of course others might use hearts just to indicate they like a comment (not just to acknowledge they have read it), so maybe a separate icon would be better.

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Slightly different request, but what we would like is some sort of icon or something right beside or under the task name to indicate if there are any comments. That way if we have a task with a bunch of subtasks you don’t have to scroll down just to see what’s going on. You could also add the date of the most recent comment to make it even more helpful.

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In general I think comments are the backbone of this system if the idea is to replace emails. In that context a lot more need to be done to manage comments. For example:
1- Indication of new comments
2- indication of read/unread comment
3- ability to quote a comment on a reply comment
4- settings to keep comments listed all the time (not collapsed )


Yes i would like this too.

It’s a huge liability how lightly comments are displayed. Comments are huge - if somebody misses them it’s a disaster. Same goes for subtasks. If you made this much bolder that would solve the problem. It needs to be very obvious a task contains comments and / or subtasks.

Currently I have to write “Comments ->” in the task


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@Edda has this gone anywhere? This is a huge issue for my company. We could potentially sign up 1000+ users (i’m testing it out with my team first) but with that many people we would definitely need a comment indicator or people would not know to check, and then miss very important details.

My request is for new comments or activity on a task to trigger a little indicator icon some other indicator on the LIST tab view of tasks. An “unread” notification.

Today, we receive an email notification when a comment is made on a task (or other activity).
I can click on the link in the email and take me to the task in Asana, however, that opens up yet another window.
It would be awesome if under the LIST view of tasks, a little icon (ex. colored circle) next to the task gave indicator their is a comment to go read.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Brian_Ott!

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I am dismayed to learn this request started 2 years ago…which is lik a 100 years in SaaS software time. This problem seems like one every user of Asana would have and thus a no brainer to fix, but it only has 9 votes so I guess other people don’t have this problem!

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It seems like you may not be using:

which is Asana’s solution for notifications. (You mention emails, but I’m talking about the Inbox within Asana).

I use email notifications just to trigger a reminder for me to enter the Asana Inbox and do all my work in there directly. This does not open a new window; as the last screenshot in the article shows, each new notifications appears in the Inbox’s right pane. And the left pane collects all the notifications that you care about (which you “care about” by being sure to make yourself a team member, project member, and task collaborator for just what you’re interested in.

I know this doesn’t address your specific request, but in case it wasn’t clear what Asana’s solution to this has been, I wanted to offer that much.



It would be helpful if each task would have a dot notation to indicate recent activity that I have not seen.

If this is a bandwidth issue, perhaps only admins or managers would have this ability.

I know I can sub to a project and get notifications in my In Box, but this doesn’t seem to be 100%

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Just discovered the boards and our project manager loves it. Much easier method of keeping track of everyone’s tasks and what stage they are in.

However, there is no way to tell when a comment or such has been made to a task without going through the inbox which is a little inefficient.

The board feature would be perfect if there was just some little badge icon that would appear for everyone besides the person who made the change/comment/upload/etc.

We usually use the “Board” layout for tasks. In many cases, we have a fairly large number of tasks in a column, so you’ll need to scroll to find the task you’re looking at.

When I get an email from the system, inviting me to comment on a task, I often write a comment, then close the task. At that point, I can never find it.

  • It’s not highlighted, at least, not in any way I can see.
  • It’s often not visible because it’s scrolled off the page.

So I use the Asana or browser find function to locate it. This comes up every day for me.

Suggestion: When the user opens up a detail like this, and then closes it, make sure it’s visible, and highlight it. As others have recommended, I would use more contrast in highlighting it.

Thank you.

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Your suggestion is similar to: Indicator to show new activity (icon or bold task name)

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This seems like such a simple fix. I hope it is implemented soon.

Thank you!