Importing Clients to a Project with a Task Template

We have a Project called Client Reviews where we house all of our client review meetings. In that Project, we have a Task Template that has all of the steps that take place during a client review meeting (from booking the appointment to adding notes to Salesforce (and the ten steps in between)) as sub-tasks.
Is there a way we could import a CSV of the clients that need a review this month, have them all added to the Client Review Project and automatically have the sub-tasks added for each individual client imported?

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You can certainly import tasks and subtasks to your project via CSV, please have a look at this Guide article that includes all the steps and tips to organize your CSV file before importing it to Asana.

I hope this helps!

Hi @Jed_Levene!

I know we spoke recently about Flowsana (I told you on the call that I knew I’d see you again on the forum!) - what you’re describing here is something we didn’t cover when we spoke, but you could use the Flowsana “Add subtasks from a template” If-Then Rule in conjunction with the CSV info that Emily provided. If you import the tasks via CSV, you could have a Flowsana rule that when a new task is added to that project, add a set of subtasks to it from a specified template.

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Thanks, Phil. I tried what you recommended and it worked perfectly! This will save us a lot of time. Much appreciated!

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