Implement Subtask Templates

It would be amazing if we’re allowed to setup/create “Template subtasks”, which we quickly can add to any main tasks in a given project…

  • So we can ease the process of setting up more complex product subtasks, that may also be having some pre-defined input fields + already being added to other projects.

How could it be implemented:
It would be super easy to implement here, enabling users to easy access them on the specific main tasks, without much friction:

  • Template subtasks should just function like ordinary template tasks (have preset inputs, preset projects/columns, Preset names, Preset collaborators etc.)
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Hi @Kent_Ove_Jensen ,

Welcome to the forum! In the meantime, you could use the “Create Subtasks” rule action to accomplish a lot of this (you’d probably want to create a field called Subtask Template or something with the names of your “templates”, then when that field is changed, check the value and create a different list of subtasks).

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