Implement Asana Themes

I’m just adding my name to the hat. I choose Asana because it worked AND it was beautiful. The new colors lack not just aesthetic, but also much needed contrast that helped differentiate tasks. Being able to implement themes would do wonders for those clients who rely on the high contrast, bright labeling options that we originally fell in love with.

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Themes would help to mitigate the recent color-muting debacle.

I think it’s pretty customer-hostile to introduce a significant color palette change of this magnitude without any option to revert for those who don’t like it. I literally hate it. I have been using Asana for over 8 years, and this is the single worst ‘update’ I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been wondering for a few days why it looked so muted and dull and I couldn’t pick out the important ‘things’ by color anymore. Finally found the original thread that pretty heartlessly says “we aren’t going back, no matter what you say” to hundreds of customers. We pay a significant amount of money to use Asana for 40 people to collaborate. This is a disappointing step backwards that needs to be reviewed, and choice re-introduced for users.


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Please check this post Implement Asana Themes - #28 by MakePixelsWork and help out!


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