ID custom field to be shown in "My Tasks"

Currently, we are expanding our usage of the ID custom field. Yet we find it uncomfortable that we can not make the ID custom field shown in “My Tasks”.

So the only way around was to create an additional tab inside of the dedicated board filtered by assignees so they can see their tasks’ IDs there. Yet I can’t find any workaround for tasks coming from different boards. :frowning:

Hopefully ID will be added as a custom field in my tasks in the near future

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Hi @Xenia_Cubrac,

As a workaround in the meantime, any chance a saved search report could help? By including the custom field, you will see a column for it in the search results, and you could sort that search result by Assignee too, and save and share it for all:

Or, perhaps in the project the “Just my tasks (Dynamic) me” filter could help too.

But regarding this request, please remember to add your vote at the top, as I just did!



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Thank you, @lpb. The mentioned workarounds I have already tested, yet let’s keep voting for the ID custom field adding to MY tasks (I did it as well).

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Thanks for sharing your feedback, @Xenia_Cubrac! We’ll update this thread if we have plans to launch this option in the future!

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thank you! :hugs: