html tags / clickable phone number


i am looking for a solution to include clickable phone numbers in the description of the task. is there a way to include this with this code +4315751409320?

many thanks in advance for a reply.


Hi, you can use the “html_notes” field when you save your task, and add any html you want, like a phone number.

data: {"html_notes": "<a href='tel:123-456-7890'>123-456-7890</a>"}

Well, just to be the party pooper here, you can’t add any HTML; there is a supported subset so it has to be in that subset. :slight_smile:


thanks for your quick reply. maybe i am blind… where can i find the html_notes field or subset?

You published in the API category so we assumed you were a developer using the API, aren’t you?

Thanks for your reply. no i am a normal user. sorry for the wrong post.

No problem, in that case it is not possible, I tried to create a link with a phone number but it keeps adding “https://” at the beginning. @Phil_Seeman @Frederic_Malenfant any idea?

thanks, i tried the same but with the same result

@Rebecca_McGrath should we make it a product feedback?


Yes, we assumed this was an API question since it was in the Developers and API forum section. I’ve moved it to the Tips and Tricks section.

I don’t know of an end-user solution myself. I believe a link in the Description assumes a web link and adds the “https://”, meaning it’s not possible to add other types of links, but I don’t know that for 100% sure.


Oh, I said that but I never tried… Sorry !! :smiley: