How to structure projects where deliverables themselves are small projects

Hi everyone, I would REALLy appreciate some input form the community on a problem that I am currently working on. Here goes:

Current Status:

  • We have projects for external partners for whom we create ‘Content pieces’.

  • We also create ‘Content pieces’ as Brand content which is not part of a larger Partner campaign.

  • For each Partner Campaign we create a Project with sections breaking up the different phases of the project timeline.

  • One of these sections is called ‘Creative Pieces’ and contains Tasks which are essentially smaller projects, as they have many smaller deliverables and involve input from multiple departments.

  • ALL ‘Content pieces’ tasks are linked to a Content Project board, to keep an overview of status

The issue that I have is that it is relatively easy to track the progress of the Partner projects at a task level but it is hard to keep track of the progress of all ‘Content Pieces’, which are compley Tasks.

Although the ‘Content Pieces’ are essentially large enough to set up as their own Project it is unfeasible to do so as we as a company create over 800 per year and these are mostly only part of larger campaigns/projects.

Any suggestions on how to set up better reporting/tracking on these ‘Content Pieces’ Tasks?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @tom.marsh,

Here is one way we could manage it:

  • We could create one Project Board for Quarter 1 and track each project as a Task.
  • Deliverables can be sub-tasks.
  • Create ‘Sections’ for different phases
  • Create ‘Custom field’ for different ‘Statuses’ to track the status of each of the tasks.

At the end of Quarter 1, keep the Project active active until all the Tasks are complete. Archive the project after that.
However, create a new board for Quarter 2 right away and create any new Project as tasks with the Q2 board. So on and so forth.

If I did not cover any key detail, please do let me know.


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Hi @Vaibhav_Khatri. I think I have found my solution.
As you suggested, we will create a Project for each months worth of content. Each project within that month has then been added as a task, with all its steps and deliverables added as Subtasks. The first Level subtasks are then assigned to the same project and moved to the appropriate project sub-section. This not only creates much more transparency regarding first level subtasks, but also means that all second level subtasks are shown as first level subtasks in List view! Brilliant!