How to repeat tasks as described

I have several tasks such as running or exercise that I want to be doing 3 times a week. Preferably somewhere between 7-10 am. What would be the best way to add this as a task? I would prefer to integrate with Google calendar.

It is a task that has to be repeated but I want to say it is completed every time I did the task for that day.

I think it would be nice to set this kind of task as ‘3 times per week with a due date’.

Hi @Renée_Damstra , welcome to the forum :wave:

You can set your task to repeat (click the repeat icon, lower left, when you assign the due date) then set it to Custom and try the below settings:

You can also set the time using the clock icon, bottom left corner.

Note, once you complete the task, the next task will be created.

If this is assigned to you, you can sync all your tasks to your Google Calendar by going to My tasks, and from the drop down arrow on the right of the ‘My tasks’ title, select ‘Sync to calendar’ and follow the instructions.

You can find more information about this in the Asana Guide, here.


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