How to overview all projects at once

Hi there.
I’m new to Asana and would like to know, if it’s possible to get an overview - preferably a timeline - with all tasks assigned to all assignees on all projects.

I would like to create an overview that makes it easy or me to avoid double deadlines and make sure that two major tasks on two different projects are not due on the same time. If you guys have some way to get a total overview, any input on this will be much appreciated.

Hey. You can use advanced search. Save the search report and keep it in your list of reports


Thank you - I can’t though, since my company is on the free basic version.

Advanced search is supported for free version of organizations too (no workspaces) but with less field options. Check it :slight_smile:

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Hi @Diakoptis,

Not to derail, but I recently had a similar issue in another thread.

Are you sure that free Organizational accounts get Advanced Search? That’s how I’m set up and may have misinterpreted what was happening in the thread I linked above. I came to the conclusion that newer free accounts were getting fewer features than older free accounts, and the reason I could still use Advanced Search was due to some kind of grandfathered feature. I tried to find documentation on what Free Organization Accounts get in relation to Free Workspace Accounts, but can’t seem to find anything.

@alexis could you pls clarify if the free organizations support advanced search? I have free account and its working.

Advanced search is a Premium feature, you can see the feature’s list for each version here: Asana Pricing | Free, Premium, Business, & Enterprise plans • Asana

Some “old” accounts seem to have the feature in free version, then I guess it used to be free, but today this is not avaliable in free version (and I don’t have in my free version).