How to move multiple tasks to another project at once?


Is there any way to move multiple tasks to another project without moving them one by one? Possibly automate the process?

I am new to Asana and would like to use a Project as a tool to monitor my employees’ monthly activities. I have a tailoring shop so I actually don’t have actual big projects in reality and I use tasks as order cards.

So I would like to have a separate project every month.

Eg. 1 Project for May and another Project for June.

But I would like to have incomplete tasks by end of month to move to a next month with all the same information on the tasks.

I found a manual way by exporting the project in CSV and delete the complete tasks and change the project name to a next month project’s name and upload them again.

But I am looking for more automated way of doing this job.

Is there any way we can do by using rules?


Yes, you can multi-select up to 50 tasks and then use the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the screen to “re-home” (that is, move to project) the selected tasks all at once to another project (and optional section). Be careful to insure that the tasks don’t remain in the current project because “multi-homing” (having a task in multiple projects simultaneously) is possible and useful in Asanas sometimes, but not in you case. You can also multi-home temporarily, satisfy yourself that the tasks are now found in the other project, then use the same approach to remove the first first leaving just the second project membership.

I’d actually suggest you consider the opposite: Treat the current project that has all your task cards as the “In Progress Tailoring” tasks project.

Monthly, multi-select just the completed tasks and re-home them (see above) to a project by the name of the month and year just passed.

I don’t think you need this automated since it can be done in a couple of minutes monthly.

Hope that helps,


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