How to get priority field on tasks?

I’ll be darned - I never knew this, and I can’t find it documented in the Asana Guide (or anywhere, for that matter) but I just created a free Asana account and I see that in a free account they include one “built-in custom field” for Priority! :exploding_head:

I guess they decided being able to set a task’s priority was critical enough that they had better provide a way to do it even in the free version, so they “hard-coded” one custom field for “Priority”.

I’m sorry to say, though, that as you’ve already discovered, you won’t be able to access that field via the API. While they may have hard-coded this custom field into the UI for the free version, they did not do anything in the API to allow access to it - the API enforces the fact that custom fields are only available in paid Asana plans. You would have to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to access this field via the API.

Wow massive discovery, ping @Julien_RENAUD . Sorry @Gurvan_Beka this is new to us :sweat_smile:

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Crazy! :sweat_smile:
Do you think this could just be something they missed in the API and that could/would be added if the issue is addressed?

I am not sure they would add it to the API, as it only related to a single custom field for the free tier… (but I don’t work for Asana)

I agree with @Bastien_Siebman - neither of us know for sure but with all of the items I do know are on the API team’s backlog, I very highly doubt they would add code to the API for this one limited use case for the Free tier.

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Ouch, okay, thanks!!

I’m seeing another quirk with this “priority field”, which we do use occasionally. We started with the free plan, but not are on a paid plan.

At the end of 2022, Asana finally added the ability to add custom field columns to “My Tasks”. However, while I can add any of the custom fields created by my organization to “My Tasks”, I can’t find a way to add “Priority”. Is this just an oversight? Obviously we could create our own Priority_ field, but updating current projects would be a big hassle.

I resolved this by removing the existing “Priority” from our templates, and replacing it with an org-based version for all existing projects. My steps are described here. Fortunately we didn’t make heavy use of the legacy Priority, so I could just manually switch over to an org-based field.