How to force Asana to load all the list at once instead of having to scroll to see the rest ?

Hello everyone,

I have a project with hundreds of tasks categorized into many sections. Those sections are not “findable” throw the search bar at all and I need a quick access to them.

I use “Ctrl+F” to open the search bar of my browser to find those sections names in order to access them.

The biggest issue with this trick, is that the browser can only search characters on the displayed page.

Asana displays only what we can see, and the rest of the list will only appear when the end of the displayed list is reached via scrolling or other methods.

So my question is :

  1. how to load all the list at once without having to loose some precious time scrolling 10 km of task list ? Is it something I can parameter with Asana or something that has to be done with the settings of the page with my browser ? Something that could be done with a plugin ?


  1. is there a trick to search for a section in Asana ?

I know an other way to organize all those “sections” would be to transform them into “projects”. But I am afraid it won’t be a final solution on the long run as a “project” could be quickly affected with many sections again for any reason.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Hi @Connor_MacLeod, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

At this time, it’s not possible to load all tasks in a large project at once. You do need to scroll down through the project to load tasks as you pass them.

While we don’t have any plans right now to make any updates to this feature, we will keep you posted if we have any news! :slight_smile: