How to determine if a project is a comment-only project?

I understand that there are API calls which can tell us user-specific data about individual users’ project memberships. But how do we obtain the setting of the

Members of [Team] and task collaborators

option for a particular project, to determine whether it’s a “comment-only” project?

Hey @Phil_Seeman,

In the API, you can only access project memberships at the user level. I believe this design decision was made because even in projects that are “comment only”, individual users can be given full access.

I did find a small error in the Project Memberships documentation. If you want to fetch the project memberships record, the docs say to use the project-id:

GET /project_memberships/project-id

However, it should actually be the membership-id:

GET /project_memberships/membership-id

You can get a project’s membership-id with:

GET /projects/project-id/project_memberships

OK, understood, thanks!