How to calculate total hours worked across multiple projects

We have a requirement to sum up hours across multiple projects. For example, we currently have a “hours” column where our team can add there time worked on tasks and this totals at the project level. If the person is working across multiple projects I want to be able to see total hours for all projects. Ideally by day.
If Asana can not provide this functionality, please recommend another external solution that integrates.
Thanks in advance!

Hello @Mark_MacBeth,

one option could be multi-homing tasks in one project to then have a total overview.

Or you can set up graphs to give you a total number of all projects you want (you can enable filters also)

A while ago I listed some ideas here that might help.

And see more info on number custom field chart here Using charts on project dashboards to track progress | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Workload can surely be helpful also in your case.

For further in depth reporting capabilities you can look at Bridge24 for example.


The report engine of Bridge24 for Asana allows having totals per day for any custom field, on a multi-projects basis.

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