How to calculate average of multiple custom fields?

I would like to have 3 custom fields for a task to calculate a score. The custom fields are “Impact”, “Confidence” and “Ease”, and “Score” (ICE scoring). Is there a way to create a custom rule to calculate the average of Impact, Confidence and Ease into the Score field?

For example, as task has Impact=4, Confidence=3, Ease=5. Is there a way that would automatically put a “4” into the Score field? (4+3+5 = 12)/3=4

Hi @Bill_Petrin ,

Welcome to the forum! At this time, Asana does not have the calculated fields that you are describing. This is a highly requested feature, so hopefully this is something Asana can add soon.

Thanks for your feedback, @Bill_Petrin! Adding to what Mike mentioned, you can upvote for this feature here: Computed Fields on Tasks. We don’t have any specific timeline to launch this option but it’s in our team’s radar!

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