How often do Asana tasks update in Google Calendar?

Hello Asana, I am a latecomer to this Syncing with Google Calendar party and am having the same issue as others. I notice that this thread began 16 months ago – in Oct. 2018 – and continues to this day, mid-Feb. 2020. As an Asana newbie who is discerning which project management platform to use going forward, the lack of response in fixing this issue doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence in Asana in general. Please reply and update with current status. Thank you!


Hey Pau,

Are you looking for a one-time sync with Google Calendar or a way that syncs with each new Asana task? If it’s the latter, check out this page: How to Connect Asana and Google Calendar (integration) -

Hello! I am in the selection of a platform for project management. like a lot in Asana! However, this problem is very strange, I thought that I had some kind of error, but it turned out that this is for everyone. is there any reason to hope for a speedy solution?

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Good day,

We were hoping that adding custom fields with session Start and End times would enable Asana and Google Sync to slot session into the appropriate time on Google calendar but still unable to do have the schedule planned in Asana sync with Google Calendar in a way that displays sprints in planned timeslots

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Sync and the ability to show tasks in google calendar with control over start & end dates as well as start & end times is a must. Please fix this. It’s really a basic feature that needs to be solved Yesterday!!!


P.S. I love Asana and I have my clients pay for your paid versions. But I am now actively looking for alternative solutions.

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@Marie It appears that Asana → Google Calendar synching is a one-time event, based on all the user reports above. The guidance about 24 hour latency doesn’t appear correct. I’m testing it myself now and will let you know.

The Asana help screens for this also mention " * Completed tasks will not sync". It has taken me 18 seconds to determine that this is not correct. All my completed tasks have synched instantaneously, along with the incompletes, the first time I added my Asana “My Tasks” to my Google calendar.

I understand SW dev takes a while, but I would hope that fixing the help screens to reflect the actual installed behavior should be fairly fast.

I’m 24 hours out from creating my Asana/Google calendar synch, and I have not yet seen any updates.

@Marie @Natalia or @Anyone Has anyone seen an Asana item actually synch with a Google calendar other than the first, 1-time synch?

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Furthermore, I do not see that a dynamic URL for the Asana My Tasks link is an issue; whenever I attempt to create an export URL for My Tasks, it’s always literally the same. It does not change. UPDATED: At some point between 36 and 72 hours from calendar “synch” URL creation, I saw a task updated from Asana to Google Calendar.

UPDATED SUMMARY: The Google Calendar Sync feature is mostly broken. It’s a 1-time calendar copy with slow and unpredictable updates from Asana to Google. This conclusion is based on experimentation.


HI @Stephanie_Oberg and apologies for the delay in responding.

These updates are pushed directly by Google, technically they should happen at least every 24h, but we have no control over it! If you continue running into trouble I’d recommend disconnecting your calendar and project and try to sync them again to see if that helps.

We haven’t received any other reports, so I don’t believe this is a wide spread issue, but if the above doesn’t help, please report the issue to our support team with some screenshots so our team can investigate this further.

Hi @Marie, sorry to bother you with this issue as there are so many people already discussed it here. As for me, only some projects calendar are sync well and updated instantaneously while others like my “My Task” calendar do not sync at all. Any idea on how is this so? Sorry and Thank you in advance for replying to my question. : )

Hi @Muhammad_Bin_Iskanda and no worries at all! Have you tried to unsync and sync your My Tasks again? Sync Asana + Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple | Product guide • Asana

@Marie said "We haven’t received any other reports, so I don’t believe this is a wide spread issue, " This thread is years old - it is a wide spread problem. Will not be recommending asana to our organization if that is their customer service.


I suspect there aren’t widespread reports because those who have tried have found it unsatisfactory and have just given up. For every user who may file a bug report, there are 10-100 who encounter the same issue and don’t choose to take the time to report. (And I can hardly blame, to report Asana bugs is an act of sheer altruism with no personal reward foreseeable.)


I and my 74 colleagues from company have the same problem with NO sync Asana with Google Calendar. It’s just ONE-TIME put tasks to G.Cal. NO sync any chnges, new tasks in project in future.
Sync is possible when you add new URL prom Asana to G.Cal only (like in first time).
Asana haven’t calendar in Phone App. So it’s totally useless for manage any project on time.
Interesting is that Automate and Project Buddy can do that ON-TIME (few second). But price is… crazy for such a basic function.
Why Asana cant do sync???
I sync a lot another Aps with Google Calendar with sync ON-TIME, not longer than a few minutes.

Asana please “Wake Up” - you’re loosing clients, because of lack of basic feature.

kind Regards


Hi @deMOLKI_Sp_z_o.o,

Unfortunately, these syncs aren’t performed by Asana but by Google, so we have very little control of these. With that said, if you only get one initial sync, there is definitely something wrong. I would recommend reaching out to our support team with the following info:

  1. URL of the project linked to your calendar
  2. Screenshots of your projects and calendar illustrating the integration isn’t syncing.

@Renee_Beal1, sync issues can have many orgins - some we can solve directly ourselves with customers, some that we need to escalate.

To all, I’m closing out this thread as it is becoming very hard for us to properly track and resolve issues - all reports aren’t the same and need to be addressed individually. Please create a fresh thread in #integrations if you continue running into issues, we’ll be happy to help!

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I have added the URL to Google calendar numerous times and My Tasks are not showing up in Google Calendar.

The Asana Calendar integration is showing in the bottom left under “Calendars” in Google but tasks do not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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IME, this function doesn’t work as advertised or basically hardly at all. How often do Asana tasks update in Google Calendar? - #34 by deMOLKI_Sp_z_o.o
Asana is adamant that the issue has to be solved on the Google side. I believe some Asana forum users have proposed workarounds that require coding.

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Thank you.

I have been hearting the same thing and quite a few “experts” have looked at it and everything is the way it’s supposed to be. Especially on the Google side.

Oh well