How do I know what Projects and Tasks will be available offline?



I use the Android app alot and also I spend 1.5 hours twice a week on a Plane. So the offline capability is great, however I have some queries.

If for example I create a Project called MyPlaneTasks as a GTD Context, and during the week I add tasks to this project. How do I make sure that when I switch my phone to Airplane mode I am able to access all of the tasks in this project?

Example where it didn’t seem to work was I was accessing a project on the phone. I then switched Airplane mode on, and then I re went into the app and because the Project was no one that I use a lot of it wasn’t available in the Project list, and because I was offline I couldn’t retrieve the rest of the projects. So was no longer able to work on those tasks.



I also have this problem. It really limits the offline mode functionality. I stopped using Asana for years because my work required a lot of travel and travel to areas with limited internet (Developing nations). The current iteration of offline mode helps a little as I can at least add new tasks without waiting for a connection, but viewing and working can be limited by not having everything synced.


@Jason_Woods and @Travis_Travelstead have you checked out these guide articles about Asana offline access on Android and iOS?


@Alexis yes I have read them an whilst they are helpful in telling what I can do functionality wise, it doesn’t explain what/how I can make sure the projects/tasks I need or want are visible. Will try and simulate and take screen shots to explain more.


@Jason_Woods and @Travis_Travelstead - I did some digging with this one and basically the projects and tasks you can see offline are the ones that you’ve visited recently. If you visit them, they get cached for a while and you can use them offline while they’re cached, but we can’t guarantee how long they stay cached for.

Force offline sync

Thanks @Alexis that is what I thought was hoping there maybe ways to make sure something was available. Like flagging for offline, ie Dropbox…


As a workaround, you could create a repeating task in MyPlaneTasks called “Look at Me,” and use it as a reminder to click/tap through to the project. Set the interval to whatever it takes to keep the project “recent.”

Force offline sync

Thanks @Craig_Fifer will give that a go…