How do I add a guest to a project (asana instructions don't work)

How do I add a guest to a project only? The instructions for this [on the blog] don’t work.

And will my guest need to make their own Asana account to accept and edit the project?



A guest will need an account to work in the project yes. The blog post is correct: share button at the top, then add the email. What is not working exactly?

I did try to do what the blog post says, went to share button, typed in email address but I don’t seem to have any option to “Select Only this Project (Guest)” like the blog post says? Here is a screen cap of what I see.

I guess the “only for” checkbox disappeared, it is not needed, you’ll be inviting a guest on this project only. ping @Marie to update the blog post? :thinking:

Ok no problem, thanks for clarifying. I just didn’t want to start adding clients to each others projects.

Hi @Bastien_Siebman, we already added the following note to the article: " Editor’s note: We’ve made some updates since this post was published. Learn more about new admin functionalities to manage users." :slight_smile:

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That doesn’t actually address the problem in this thread. The blog post still says “Then select ‘Only this Project (Guest),’” and the linked article doesn’t mention that this step is no longer needed.