How can I have other users edit the automation I create?

Hey there,
I’ve been working with the automation features and having a good time with it. However, I have a doubt if someone in my team can edit the automation rules I create if I grant them the access to it.

I know that by default only the creater can edit, but would like to know if what I mentioned above is possible.


Hi @Denis_Sooma,

There’s no way to share a rule with someone else in that manner. As you indicated, only the rule’s creator can edit it.


Thanks for the answer.

It’d be a nice feature, though - to allow someone to edit if I grant them the access for it.

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Indeed, I agree. If you’d like, you can submit this as a request in the Product Feedback forum section, so people can vote for it. I’ll vote for it! :slight_smile:


Hello @Phil_Seeman,

Here it is:

I can see the two feedback, regarding edit rule feature, it was closed by the admin.

This doesn’t make sense, that only the owner can edit the rule. What if I assign 3 admins option to edit some rules, there will be always some changes in rule when the actual task start. Only the owner of the rule will change it doesn’t make sense. I ask the Asana team to look into this feature carefully.