Hover to see truncated task titles in full in list view

It would save so much distraction and time if we could be able to see, without having to open the task detail pane, the full task title that might be truncated.

What I’m requesting is very much like this:


That’s a great feature but it’s usually not available as described in Quick tip: Seeing truncated task titles in full in list view because it’s only for tasks with subtasks and even then only available when virtually no filters, groups, or sorts are applied.

Some affordance to hover to display such a tooltip would be a big win, and has long been a standard user experience for displaying truncated information on demand.

Thanks for considering,



Since this is done via CSS you can create a bookmarklet that does this.

<div class="SpreadsheetTaskName-shadow" aria-hidden="true">A very looooong task name could be cropped and not wholly visibile but if a bookmarklet added an onhover to this element, then it would show. </div>

function addHoverToDiv() {
  const div = document.querySelector('.SpreadsheetTaskName-shadow');
  if (div) {
    div.onmouseover = function() {
      const tooltip = document.createElement('span');
      tooltip.textContent = this.textContent;
      tooltip.style.position = 'absolute';
      tooltip.style.backgroundColor = 'white';
      tooltip.style.border = '1px solid black';
      tooltip.style.padding = '5px';
    div.onmouseout = function() {

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