Holiday/Leave/Block off time - either as PTO, Holiday, or all day task

Agree, def need this esp when working with international teams

I agree this would be very useful. Right now our team uses a seperate project called OOO where we create a task with the vacation dates and assign to that specific person. This helps when scheduling as you can look at their calendar and see they are away during that time.

We also have a fairly large international team and it would be very helpful to have the ability to pick your county and have stat holidays in those countries show in the calendar so that we dont schedule over them. Right now they usually just let us know if we have scheduled something that is on a holiday for them if they notice in advance.

We find it challenging to keep projects on schedule and take into account teammate vacations and time off. If would be very helpful if Asana could either integrate with our calendar to show out of office days or if we had the option to set ‘off’ time off within Asana. If someone is scheduled off and we’re trying to assign and schedule a project, task, or sub-task due during that time, we would see a warning with a note about the time off and when they’ll be back in so the due date can be adjusted accordingly during the planning phase. Helps with moral and efficiency! :slight_smile:

Hi @Collette_Lazor, welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

This is a popular request in the forum and we already have a thread about this topic. In order to consolidate feedback, I’ve gone ahead and moved your request to: Holiday/Leave/Block off time - either as PTO, Holiday, or all day task . I hope you don’t mind!

Adding another vote for this feature. I have a calendar project set-up in Asana with start and end dates for OOO’s to keep track of when the team is available, but it would be more useful if I could set date ranges to not assign them tasks or at least get an alert saying this falls on days they are out so I don’t have to reference this calendar for each task I assign. And it would be handier as a feature I can set vs. something in their user profile only they have control over.

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Hi folks,

I’m sorry I don’t have an update on this topic yet, please rest ensured that I’m keeping a close eye on this request internally. In the meantime, you might be interested in this cool tip using Rules shared Asana’s Certified Pro @fitz2 !

Needed feature so we do not have to manually enter all of people in on a task for the holiday just to block that day off from scheduling.

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Do you have any news concerning this topic? :slightly_smiling_face:
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Not at the moment @Cedric_Brandelard, but I’ll update this thread as soon as I do!

We have a problem with workload because we cannot set holidays. So we have to split tasks and this is not ideal.
It would be ideal to have the possibility to set globally a holiday calendar so that workload is actually realistic.

Hi @Fabrizio_Regini, thanks for your feedback and sorry for the late follow-up here! We already have a thread for. this request to I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to centralize feedback! If you are interested, I also recommend you checking this Forum Leader’s tip: What is Workload without knowing your team's OOO (Out of Office) time? 🕛

I’d love the ability to add an out of office reminder in Asana. We’ve had a couple use cases where someone has assigned a quick or urgent task to someone who is ooto that could have easily been assigned to someone else to avoid an unnecessary timeline delay. Our managers are now having to keep a google calendar open when assigning a task which can be fairly cumbersome. Some ways I could see an ooto feature in Asana:

  • a pop up or warning that occurs when you assign a task to someone who is ooto or if your deadline may conflict
  • Or, a setting to enable an automated comment/response to any tasks assigned to you while you are out
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Hi @Danielle7, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We have a popular thread in the forum on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to centralize feedback!

Can you link to that other post, so that we can upvote it?

This is the post @Sarah_Baker, simply scroll up to the top of the page and click on the “Vote” button in the top left corner :slight_smile:

Hi @Marie

Following with interest.

In the meantime, is it possible to get a OOO template?


Hi @TreeStory_Admin :wave:t3:

I’m not sure what you mean by “OOO template?”

@Marie “OOO” stands for Out of Office. @TreeStory_Admin probably is wondering if Asana is looking to offer a general template that accomplished what I have spelled out in What is Workload without knowing your team’s OOO (Out of Office) time? :clock12:

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Oh got you @Jerod_Hillard :+1:t3:

@TreeStory_Admin we don’t have one at the moment, but you can look at the project Jerod shares in What is Workload without knowing your team's OOO (Out of Office) time? 🕛 for some inspo :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @Jerod_Hillard and @Marie.

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