Hiding tasks from calendar

Wondering if it’s possible to hide certain tasks on a project from the calendar view. I have a project with trips that I want to show on the calendar, but I do not want the miscellaneous tasks to show there.

There’s no explicit hide task feature, but here are two things that would achieve what you want:

  1. Make the tasks you want to hide from the calendar be subtasks, perhaps all under a single top-level task (which if left without a due date would itself not appear on the calendar either).

  2. Use two projects and multi-homing (the fact that a task can be a member of two or more projects). If Project All must have all the tasks, then add a Project Calendar and multi-home all but the tasks to exclude, and use that project for your calendar view.

Do you mind if I move this thread out of this private area to where several hundred thousand others can benefit?



Thanks, Larry. Changing them to subtasks worked perfectly. Please do share elsewhere as you see fit.

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Great, @Julie_Howell! Thanks for replying and I’ve made this visible to all now.