Here is how to see all the projects I have access to in one list.

For those of us with small screens, accessing projects in Asana has always been awkward.

the list displayed by an advanced search includes too many things that cannot be sorted efficiently

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The way that I have found best to find them is to search as stated above and then I do 2 things:

1 Favorite the Project
2 Add to my “Current Projects” Portfolio so that I can see all projects in one location.

Hope this helps.


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We created a field in our All Projects portfolio called ‘this week’. It’s a drop down field to select the projects priority for the week - high/medium/low/on hold/close down etc. Is it possible to automate a task to add all projects in the ‘close down’ stage to a separate Close Down portfolio?


Sorry, @Alex_Hedges, that’s not possible natively and I don’t know of an existing third-party app that does that.


We do this with custom made automations, quite straightforward once you have the boilerplate code in place. Don’t hesitate to email me to discuss your specific use case.

That there is no option to “show all” is really inconvenient. Asana Product folks, please consider this feature request.

For those of us in management roles who have to deal with several dozen projects, the current limitation of “Top projects” or "Recent Projects"is not at all satisfactory.

I wouldn’t consider this Solved as the topic is labeled.


@Bill_Pataky , the best workaround is to bookmark this URL:
This will show you all the projects you have access to.


Why you have removed “show all” button? Asana is useless for my team. And no, bookmark or power search is not effective way.


Bring back “show all” +100


Looks good

I thought I must be silly and can’t find it. No way a multi-billion dollar company doesn’t have the option to show all projects. Turns out this is actually the case. Also, when you’re in trial and create portfolios, you can’t delete them without going back to a business account. You can’t rename your org either.


@Sherad_Louis-Charles have you tried this URL:

It feels a little vicious on Asana’s part to remove the ability to see all Projects in the Sidebar. It’s caused me a lot of wasted time already.


I thought I was going crazy. I’m on a paid version and now my team can’t see the list of projects on the left column. We used to order them by date. Now it’s a hot mess and we can’t see projects that maybe several months old. Our employees are very confused. It’s hurting productivity and making me think we need to leave Asana.


“Show All” button is a no brainer. Asana team seems to be ignoring much feedback from paying customers… not a good recipe for long term success.

Please add this feature!


I too thought I was going crazy as a paid user. We have a lot of projects - both active and archived. As CEO, I need an easy way to see a list of all active projects. Asana… please bring this feature back.


I just tried some of the suggestions here… and yet in the search results you can’t filter out archived projects and you can’t sort by name. This, as someone else has said, has become a hot mess. I can’t find anything easily. I have to remember names of projects in order to find them… or scan a long list which is an immense waste of time. Asana help…


Wow this new project bar redesign is a mess. Not being able to have my projects in the order I left them in is a disaster. For managing multiple projects at once, this has created really unnecessary extra steps EACH TIME I go between projects… I don’t spend a few hours on one project and then pop into another. I am in and out of projects all day and this bar design is a FLOP.

May is better… At least they listen to their users feedback.


I have to agree with everyone here. We had our project list color coded by the different types of clients. Not I can only see RECENT or TOP??? Why would you change something that was NOT broken? Please add this option back.


This has certainly made it more complicated. I preferred being able to see the whole list in the side bar by clicking on the “more” option. Much simpler access when reviewing all projects at team meetings.