has_more in Asana events API

Hey everyone,
I have been working with Asana events API recently and came across this API. I had a few question regarding this which weren’t answered in the documentation

  1. The documentation states the response contains a has_more flag, how do we use that flag to fetch more than 100 events for a resource. For example I have a resource with 200 events, when I make the API call I get 100 events with has_more as true, how do I get the remaining 100 events
  2. If the sync token expires, is there a way to get events from the expired sync token time to now?

I haven’t used the Events API itself (I use webhooks), but I think @Frederic_Malenfant or @JFrentz uses it and might be able to answer?

Sorry, we don’t use events in our app! So I can’t help on this one.