I read in Get all Tasks(Tasks,SubTasks, Sub-SubTasks) together that GraphQL support was possible / in the works. Is there any update to this?

Hello @Andrew_Szeto!

We have talked about this and continue to do so, but currently nothing is in the works to add GraphQL support.

Also, the method described in this comment is currently being deprecated so I would advise against using it as well. ( see The `subtasks` field on tasks is being deprecated ).

If we keep hearing requests for this functionality, hopefully it will be on the roadmap soon.


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GraphQL would be good for specifically this bug regarding infinite expansion of subtasks because queries would have to explicitly request the amount of nesting they want in the response. The spec itself forbids cycles in requests.

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Hi @Andrew_Szeto, GraphQL unfortunately would not solve the subtasks issue. Even limiting nesting to just one or two levels of subtasks can still load enough data from our databases for one API request to cause stability issues.