How can return all the substask. Task and subtask in the same call.


I want to return in the same call, the task and subtask. Because I have more than 1000 task so the call: {{baseUrl}}/tasks/:task_gid/subtasks? but I try to do with the call of projects because it is more quickly ant effective for my job.

How it is posible? this call not return the subtask
this return the task but not the subtask

Hi @ljdelgado,

You can’t, unfortunately - you have to retrieve the subtasks separately. The API team has explained to us that this is for performance reasons - something along the lines that asking for a set of tasks and all of their subtasks in one call can potentially return too big of a data set for the API to handle reliably.

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Thanks, so I have to do:

  1. One call for the task.
  2. And other call with the subsktask, and if my substask have sub - subtasks, in this call i can give the information of the sub-substask or i have to do other call for the information.