Getting Approval Status and Assignee fields in get_tasks requests

Hi Been using Asana’s API last couple of days, and when I request the Get Multiple Tasks , I’m
able to extract some information I need by definig the custom fields, but some important information is ‘nan’ : assignee, section and approval_status

I’d love some help regarding it , sharing the code I use for the request:

        result = list(self.client.tasks.get_tasks( {'project': f'{self.project_id}', 'data': 'custom_fields', 'data': 'assignee'}, opt_pretty=True, opt_fields=['name', 'approval_status', 'due_on', 'completed', 'assignee', 'notes']))

I must been doing something wrong, please share with me the best practice.

Hi @Asaf_Shtrul ,

I don’t know what “data: custom_fields, and data:assignee” means in your query?

I suggest to remove it and just use the opt_fields property.

data property is used to update and create data, but for query, only use opt_fields and filters.