Generate Search Link Through API


I am currently using Asana API for my internal tool which really work great.
I count the number of task status per project (see screenshot below) and need to link it to asana search link automatically.

I checked there is generated numbers in url e.g search/362868107839327/362868107839327 which make me is hard to understand how to past the parameters for example generated search link with completed tasks in certain project. Is it possible to generate search link via API? Or maybe there is any suggestion for my issue?


Hey @Agung_Darmanto,

Asana api not provide advanced search functionality and you are not able to create a search link using the api.

Unfortunately i can’t think an alternative way to provide the functionality you want.

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Actually yesterday something changed: search link are now a full url with all parameters based on fields you are searching and values…

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