Formula field: what if there was a service injecting values like exchange rates into your Asana?

Hi community,

Now that we have a formula field, and it is even getting better soon, it begs the question: how can I include external data into the mix? For example, could I have “somewhere” the USD-EUR exchange rate, and use it in a formula?

I suggest my team works on a service which would inject this kind of data into projects, allowing you to create formulas based on them. It could be exchange rate, company hourly rate, your team hourly cost…

Would that be useful to you?

Let me know!


ping @Richard_Sather

I think that’s a fantastic idea @Bastien_Siebman . :clap:

For example, as you mentioned, live exchange rates (dynamically updating) would be tremendously useful!

Right now, unless a currency is pegged to another, you can use the advanced formula field with a static value for the exchange rate (1.12 today… but tomorrow?) as per below:

To get the below results:

The other issue is that, if you (currently) add a currency label to the EUR field, then the USD field is also shown in Euros because the formula field adopts the label of the EUR field in the formula’s equation.

Hopefully this will be something Asana will support in the next update.

But, it’s a great idea that could expand into other areas such as stocks or live inventory… :thinking: