Form automatic counter function

It would be very useful to have a counter built into the form, which you can link to a custom field or title. Like, when you submit a request through a form; a task appears in Asana like this: TASK00149 - [Taskname]. Anything that would specify the task with a unique id.

I think what you need is just a task unique number a human can use, not especially related to the forms, isn’t it? There is an existing thread on the topic. The moderation team will be able to help you!

Hi @Jeroen_Bulten and @Bastien_Siebman :wave:t3:

Bastien I believe you’re referring to Short task link with ID which is related but not exactly the same, so I might keep this thread separate for now!

Jeroen, I don’t believe this is in our near term pland, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!

It is kinda related in the sense that the short task link with ID would require any task to have a “short ID” indeed…

It would be very helpful to add auto-numbering to form submission and include the ability to prefix and suffix the number. A typical use case would be to track (creative) project requests by an automated project number to enable more objective identification and archiving of offline deliverables like ads, brochures, articles, etc. The number might look like this: MKTG-00123. There are several ways to implement an auto-numbering system, including using a date format YYYY-MM-DD-##### or YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS. All would provide less ambiguous references when referring to a task.


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I would also encourage you to have a look at this post: Adding automatic numbering to a form. You might find it useful in the meantime!

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Yes. I found this third-party alternative: Project Sync.