Flowsana update: New rule action to set a task to be an Approval. Remove any custom field value. Include weekend days in your workflows.

Announcing a Flowsana update - the following features are now available:

New rule action: Set task as Approval task
Now you can convert a task to an Approval as the result of a Flowsana rule being triggered.

Rule update: Remove a custom field’s value
Now when creating a Flowsana rule action to update a custom field’s value, you can leave the value blank. When you do this, you’re telling Flowsana to remove (i.e. blank out) the current value in that field. Works for any custom field type.

Include weekend days in your workflow
By default, Flowsana skips weekend days when calculating shifts in dates and setting the adjusted date. Now when creating a workflow, you have the ability to tell Flowsana that it should not skip weekends, and should include all 7 days of the week when calculating and setting dates. This is done by unchecking the Skip Weekends box when defining a workflow.

See more about this update here:


Hi Phil, I am trying to sign up to Flowsana, so that my team can benefit from the task automation rules etc. Do you have a support team to assist with the install as I keep getting error messages? Many thanks