Feature Request: Task Numbering

That’s their policy; they don’t ever discuss anything until it’s ready to be released. So don’t make any meaning of the fact that they haven’t said anything about this request.

+1 6 years after this has been requested and no native numbering in sight. This was the biggest downfall of moving from JIRA to Asana. We may even go back to JIRA specifically because of this issue. Sad

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Thanks Phil. I understand that, to a degree, but SIX years of silence on such a critical and popular issue? This is not the only thread on this subject and the other threads are just as popular or more and there is nothing from Asana on any of them, for six years, or more.

We are not contemplating moving from Asana due to this issue. Yet. It is hard not to take complete silence for six years as just plain ignoring the question…

Anyone searching can use https://asana-number-nerd.com for this feature.
I even made a little tutorial on how to start with it. Its completely free.

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