Feature Request: num_commments in Task


I would like to bring up a feature request for the Asana API. I propose the addition of a new field, “num_comments,” in the Task resource to provide the number of comments associated with a particular task.

By including this field in the Task resource, we can optimize the number of requests made to the server. Currently, we need to make additional requests to retrieve the number of comments for a task.

It would be even more fantastic if it were possible to retrieve comments (stories) when fetching tasks using the " Get multiple tasks" API


Thanks for raising this. I think I understand the efficiencies that num_comments would provide. Can I just confirm… having access to the number of stories (for example, num_stories) would not be sufficient because you are only interested in fetching comments?

Yes, only comments. The same counter you are present on the cards in the browser version of the asana service