Feature Request: Enhanced Vacation Settings with Timeframe Blocking

It would be extremely useful if Asana implemented more robust vacation settings that allow users to block out partial days or specific timeframes when out of office.

The current vacation settings only allow you to toggle your entire calendar day as “Out of Office.” However, this does not work well for situations like:

  • Taking a half day off
  • Coming back from vacation mid-day
  • Having a doctor appointment that takes you away for just a few hours

With enhanced vacation settings, users could specify time ranges like:

  • Out of office from 1pm - 5pm
  • Vacation from March 15 - March 21
  • Appointment from 2pm - 3:30pm on January 5

Blocking partial days or specific timeframes would provide much more visibility into when someone is actually available versus showing a full day block of time as unavailable.

This added flexibility would greatly improve calendar management, scheduling, status visibility and overall coordination when people are going to be out of the office or unavailable during normal working hours.

Please consider adding more customizable time blocking options to the Asana vacation settings. This would be extremely beneficial for managing out of office and availability.

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FYI we provide a solution for the timeframes portion of your request in our Flowsana integration. Not for the partial-day and time-based element, though; that’s a good suggestion.