Feature Request: Browser Tab Notification / Unread Count



I’ve had email notifications turned off for a while now and, for the most part, it’s been great. (Still trying to convince others to do the same.)

However, I’d still like it to be painfully obvious when there’s something new in my inbox.

Thus, my feature request would be to enable the same type of browser-tab notifications — or ‘unread count’ – similar to what I see on facebook.com.

Create a Dedicated Pane for the Inbox

That reminds me, didn’t there use to be a hack called Inbox Counter or am I imagining things.


The Inbox Counter isn’t compatible with the new 2015 Inbox (https://twitter.com/asana/status/588422761330032640). However, I have a userscript that adds an orange dot to the Asana browser tab favicon when I have unread items in the Inbox.

The way to use my userscript is to go to follow the instructions at https://greasyfork.org. After you’ve installed the browser extension of your choice, search for my script, which is called Asana Dynamic Favicon. Install, and you’re good to go.


This would be very useful since there are no desktop notifications.
The ( 1 ) will quickly let know when you have unread notifications.

See like WhatsApp