Fast way to add a new task to a specific list and section in that list

I search for a way to add fast a new task to a specific list and section.

Wtih E-Mail it is not possible to target a specific section.

Is there any existing other way?

I think about to program a gui with AutoHotkey where i type the text of the task and choose the name of the list and click on ok. After that it should appear in asana in that list.

I need a way, how i can give asana the data correct that it adds the task to the section.

Maybe someone can help or have a idea how to do it.

Hi @Christian_Dull
I’ll try to help, by suggestion you to use the API, as I see that you are ready to build a GUI.

Is your task already in a project, and you need to change its section?

If you want to search for tasks while you type in your GUI, the “typeahead” api endpoint is your friend.

Then, if your task is already in a project, you can get the list of sections of that project from the that other endpoint:

Finally, when you have the ID of your section, you set your task to that section (and from the parent project at the same time) by calling that endpoint:

You don’t need to add the task to the project, just add it to the section, and it the project will follow.

If you need to search for a project, the typeahead can also help you.
But, you can’t use it to find your section from a keyword.

I never wrote a API.

But it seems with an API it would be possible to add new tasks directly to a section.

How to find out the section id?

And how to build or connect a API to my asana?

Or is there something that is exist and i can use?

Hi @Christian_Dull,

FYI the Hashtag Automation feature of Flowsana (I’m the author) lets you add #name-of-section to anywhere in the email body, to place the incoming task into that section.

I have not tested it, but it sounds to be a great feature / solution that asana “add tasks by E-Mail” not offer at the moment.

But the downside is, your solution cost 3$ monthly after 30 day trial period.

I don’t talk about writing an API. You can use the ASANA api to do what you need. What you need to build is the user interface, as you said, “I think about to program a gui”. That’s why I propose that your GUI should call the Asana API.

Thanks for answer.

Can i interact with the ASANA api in the browser?

How i can interact with the ASANA api?

I tought you have access to some development expertise, because you talked about building a GUI…
You can do some tests in the API Explorer.

I no developement expertise. Only some AutoHotkey basics to build a gui there.

With the API Explorer i was able to get the section id where i want to add tasks, but it seems for me too complicated to add a task with the api to a section.