Expected quiet during the holidays - where to get help


Hello folks! As we wrap up the year, we can expect things to be quieter than usual here in the Community. We at Asana will have a few days off, as will many of you, so we want to empower you with resources to get as many questions answered as possible during this lull.

Pro tip: bookmark this list of Asana resource links for now and for the future

  • Search bar in the Asana Community (the magnifying glass in the top right of this page). There’s a good chance you can find the answer you’re looking for in existing threads!
  • Asana Support page. Start here for answers to Asana FAQs.
  • Asana Guide. Tutorials, help, and feature documentation about all-things Asana.
  • Asana Trainings. Self paced Asana courses about common Asana use cases.
  • Asana Blog. Articles about Asana updates, including how-tos and links to feature documentation.

Happy holidays!



Happy holidays, @Alexis and Asana team! :christmas_tree:


Happy holidays to you to, @Crystal_Alifanow :gift: Hope you’re having a splendid end to 2017 :confetti_ball:


Thanks @Crystal_Alifanow! Hope you’ve had a lovely holiday season :star2: