Excluding weekends from Daily Repeating Tasks

I use daily repeating tasks often. I have noticed some inefficiencies when these tasks repeat over the weekend as I am on a M-F schedule. Is there any way to exclude Sat and Sun from daily repeating tasks?

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Set your repeat to ‘weekly’ instead of daily - this lets you choose which days of the week it repeats on.



What about for say “repeat 5 days after completion” - is there a way to also exclude the weekend?

For example, we have a project status update for clients that we have pop back up 3 days after completion. Time and time again though it creates a new task for the weekend as the 3rd day falls on the weekend and we have to delay it until Monday.



Thank you!

I don’t believe so. I haven’t found a way to exclude weekends. It would be nice to have checkbox or something that sets it to only count workdays.

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Thanks for the feedback @abass! I’m merging this thread with Excluding weekends from Daily Repeating Tasks - #2 by ceturley to consolidate feedback on this topic! :slight_smile:


Yep, in order to make use of recurring X days it’s essential to have the option to decide which days are included in that loop. Right now the function isn’t usable at all for us or anyone else who doesn’t work 7 days a week.


I also would like ability to exclude weekends for intermittent repeating tasks!


There are tasks I have set up that I want to check or monitor something every 3 days for example. The issue I am facing is that if the third day is not a work day, I do not want the task to fall on that day. It would be nice when setting up periodic repeating tasks you could choose every 3 “workdays” rather than just days.

My use case requires the option to exclude weekends from recurring tasks that are repeated: monthly with interval: every 1 month and on: last day of month, as discussed here: Exclude Weekends from repeating tasks

This is generally covered by the merge with Repeat (Recurring) Tasks on Weekdays only but not explicit from the title of this open thread.

The Aug `18 marked solution does not address this problem. For example, starting on Jan 31st 2020 with weekly/every 4wks/Fridays, the March due date becomes Fri the 27th rather than Tues the 31st.