Examples of "Why Asana?" Statements

Hi everyone!

We are currently in the beginning stages of our team onboarding. I was wondering if anyone had any examples of great “Why Asana?” statements they could share as my team and I could use as examples as we create our own.

Thanks in advance for sharing!


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Marcom is using Asana to provide our whole team the ability to see an overview of our collaborative work and project-related tasks in one central workspace, so that it is easier to keep ongoing projects moving forward, collaborate across our organization for specific projects, and quickly locate associated project resources and tasks. In doing so, we hope to lead GSA forward and demonstrate we are a highly-functional team during periods of change in the workplace; foster collaboration with other departments across the organization on common goals; and keep our departmental performance accountable to GSA’s members and bottom line.


This is great, thank you so much!

I have a collection of “why I love Asana” if you are interested!

Otherwise the why we usually have:

  • lack of clarity
  • frustration around collaboration
  • reached the max they could do with Excel and emails
  • tired of generating reporting and status update by hand

Here’s our Why Asana statement “_____ will be using Asana to manage projects so that as a team, we can be more collaborative and strategic when completing projects”
Good luck with onboarding!