Example WebHook Task completed

Hi, actually I looking for an example for API Create Webhook that run when an task is completed (change) by an user.

I need then the Info with all data of the task.

Is anywhere an example for this?

Sorry: An SUB Task.

Hi @Robert_Kampczyk and welcome to the forum,

Please specify the programming language(s) you’re wanting a sample in.

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Hi @Phil_Seeman we use PHP

Note that you’ll need to set a webhook on each project that you want to monitor; there’s no way to set a webhook for tasks on anything higher than the project level.

Definitely recommend that you use the official Asana PHP library.

Here’s some code:

@Bastien_Siebman is one of the resident PHP gurus here and can probably help you with other questions.

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I am not a guru at all, or ever :laughing:

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I think you are!

The Code example I found and its clear.
But I miss the way to watch the change of Subtasks (in Tasks of a specific Project)

I know that it work because Zapier and automate.io do it.

And ideas?

Big thanks.

@Phil_Seeman any idea? Subtasks are not part of projects, so I am not sure you can watch for them using webhoooks…

In the past I would have agreed. But recall that we were discussing this in another thread (Question on Event reply in webhook) and it seems like fairly recently, webhooks started returning for subtasks of tasks in a monitored project. I never got an answer from Asana in that thread but in fairness to them, that was right around when Joe left. So I’m going to try it again here :slight_smile:

What say you, @Ross_Grambo? Could you check and see if it’s true that webhooks now fire for subtasks of tasks in a project being monitored with a webhook? I’m pretty sure they didn’t used to when I started with Asana a few years ago, but they do now??


Hey y’all,

Yes. It appears webhooks are thrown for subtasks within the project, and yes I believe this was added as a part of the webhook updates we launched earlier in the year.


Cool - thanks for that info, @Ross_Grambo!

I found a “solution”. The WebHook run also for changes in SubTasks. Then I look for details and when parent.id is not given, it is the MainTask. Otherwise it is an Subtask. That work.


Yes, exactly, @Robert_Kampczyk, that’s the correct solution - now that Asana sends subtask changes via webhooks, you’re able to do what you describe.

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