Enquire about Asana Async operation


This is to get some information regarding the Asana Async operations.

Can u please guide me if there is any API endpoint for the following operations:

  1. Create a job to get the list of data.

  2. Get the status of the job.

  3. After the job is completed, get the actual data.

  4. Cancel the job.

I could find this API endpoint only which gives the job status - Jobs.

Hi @Manoj_Bhosale,

The Asana API only has the type of true async operations you describe for a very few specific API endpoints, as mentioned in the docs - duplicating a project and creating a project from a template. It doesn’t have a generic capability to run any endpoint as an async job like you’re describing.

The only other API functionality that comes anywhere near what you’re asking about - but doesn’t really come very close - is the Batch API which you can read about here. But it doesn’t create a distinct job object that you can query the status of or cancel; it just allows you to batch multiple (up to 10) API calls together.

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