Download old version of Asana for Mac OS X

Please give users a link to download older versions of Asana AND do a check on the OS X before forcing users to update to newer versions of Asana. Your recent update for Mac made the Mac version of Asana incompatible with Mac OS X. My Mac will not update beyond 10.12.6 but the new update REQUIRES the mac to be at least 10.13.x .

Forcing an update without checking if the computer can handle the update (which then makes your software unusable) seems cruel and heavy handed. The Mac will NOT update beyond 10.12.6.

Where can users download earlier versions of Asana please?



Seems like they don’t give a damn about older macs

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Bumping this. SUUUUUUUPER brutal to do an update and then not be able to use the app at all until you figure out how to access the software for an earlier version. Two thumbs down.


yo asana please… give us old link…i cant use the app anymore cos it doesnt work with my iso…updated a few days ago… please help

In exactly the same boat, got used to using ASANA and now I am unable to anymore!!!

Same boat here. This is how I serve my biggest client. Absolutely brutal to have to deal with this out of the blue.

Likewise, this is shocking behaviour. Pretty fuming TBF