Does asana API create/modify depends/depend_on in tasks?

I would like to use asana API for task creation and connect tasks in depends/depens_on fields.
But in documentations, these fields remain in read_only.

Are there any options for work around these tasks dependencies creations/modifications?
(such as csv imports)

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The fields themselves are read-only, but there are special API endpoints documented here that you can use to query and set dependencies.

Thank you for your information.
I would like to manipulate them by python-asana, but in my investigations,
this python binding is missing these features.

So I will try in two ways both:
PLAN1: make PR for task dependencies features in python-asana[SLIGHTLY HARD]
PLAN2: make independent program that simply access these special endpoints by using python-asana lower level APIs or python itself [MAY BE EASY THAN PLAN1]

Thank you!