Do Blocked tasks still count towards time in section?


I really like the reporting function of being able to chart the average time tasks spend in any given section. I’m wondering if tasks that are blocked still count towards that time?

I’m hoping they don’t, so that we can use dependencies to “pause” tasks when their subtasks are being actioned.


I did not do any test or looked at the guide but I don’t see any reason why it would, and actually I would not want time to stop counting myself…

Is there any way at all to manually pause the time tracking for a given task though?

Not that I know of, the “time tracking” is really the difference between completion date and creation date. Maybe what you need is an actual time tracking?

Ah right, ok. Does Asana have any built in method to track actual time or would I need to manage that externally?

For now you can either use a 3rd party app (Time tracking in Asana: a community built comparison) you can also have a number custom fields and only track minutes or hours.