Display tasks across all projects - list and calendar



I want to create several tasks grouped into projects, with due dates assigned for each task. However, a list view or calendar view does not give a full list of tasks due for “Today” across projects. I need to click on projects one by one to know the tasks due today. Is there a way to select ALL projects and display all tasks in My Tasks or Calendar view? thanks




have you tried the TEAM calendar? It looks like the project calendar but shows all projects within a team.


If you change the view in My Tasks to sort by project, that gives you a list of all tasks by project in the ‘Today’ section. Is that what you’re looking for?


Hi Sebastian, Tried it but it is showing tasks that are not allocated to my name only. i.e. tasks that are for others in the team / not assigned to anyone.


Hi Mark. Thanks. I have organized some tasks under Sections, in addition to tasks under Projects. I was looking for a way to display all the tasks for ‘Today’ to be shown in my calendar - be it within Projects or within Sections under My Tasks.


Ah, sorry, I misunderstood you. If you haven’t tried already, this might be something that you can do in Instagantt. I haven’t used it much but it looks quite flexible.


I am not sure if I understood you wrong, but are you looking for something like this: https://asana.com/apps/calendar

Then you would have only your tasks in your calendar for the appropriate day.

Another solution is that in your MY TASK section you also have the calendar view just for your self:



@Balaji, could you run an Advanced Search for All Tasks and select the Due Date Filter for Due Within the Next 1 Day? You would see all Tasks due Today in a List, which you can then sort by Project or view on a Calendar.

Let me know if this helps solve for what you’re looking for.