Difference between Asana and Asana2Go

Would someone please tell me the difference? I want to track task completion with each individual project section. When I create a custom field for this for the tasks, it summarizes the total percentage at the bottom of the section (for example, if I have three tasks in a section, and all are at 100% complete, it shows “300%”…makes no sense.

In prior forum topic, I see the solution is to use Asana2Go, but that isn’t what we are using. Please advise any tips you have, thanks!


Calling @lpb , the author of Asana2Go!

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Welcome, @Cindi_Goddard, and thanks, @Phil_Seeman,

Perhaps you could average, instead of sum, the progress field, which you do in the column header menu:

If that’s not sufficient, try experimenting with with the project’s dashboard tab. You might be able to make one chart showing the info you want, of you might need several, perhaps one per section, to get at what you’re hoping to depict.

If all those fail, then explore my Asana2Go which is an add-on to Asana for reporting, allowing you to use Asana even when your collaborators do not, and special functions like quicker date entry.

Hope that helps,


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