Dependency Management and Multihomed Tasks

Is there a way to “maintain buffer” for all dependent tasks across multiple projects for multihomed tasks?

Hi @Leo_Kosuge ,

Currently, this is not supported (the below thread is slightly outdated, as auto-shifting is now available outside of timeline view, but the gist is accurate):

I agree that this would be a very interesting (albeit potentially risky) feature. I don’t see anything exactly related in the Product Feedback category; please feel free to submit a request there so others in the community can upvote it!

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Thanks, Stephen! Hoping this is a quick question but you mentioned auto-shifting is now available outside of timeline view but it’s not auto-shifting in list, calendar view, or date change via details. Which other section is it available in?

Thanks again for your reply.


Hey @Stephen_Li , you’re right that ‘Dependency management options’ are applicable to all tasks within a project, but similar to what @Phil_Seeman mentions in his post, you can overcome this by multi-homing ALL the concerned tasks into a ‘master’ project. So adjusting the tasks in that ‘master’ project, would maintain the buffer across all projects.

@Leo_Kosuge , would that work for you?

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Thanks! That’s a great work around. Much appreciated.

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