Date selector does not appear in the browser on iPad

Because of the limited functionality of the iOS app, I often use Asana in the browser on iPad. This works smoothly, exept for the date selector:
You cannot define due dates, because the UI element to select/define a date is not shown when tapping on the corresponding icon.

Browser version: Tested on Safari and Edge, latest versions.

Note: When an external keyboard is connected to the iPad, everything works fine, i.e. the date selector is displayed normally. The bug seems, therefore, to be triggered by the fact that iOS tries to show the touch keyboard when the due date icon is clicked.

Thanks for the report @Matthias_Haldimann, I’ve gone ahead and filed a bug for our team to investigate.

I’ll let you know here once I have an update!

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@Matthias_Haldimann would you mind confirming what version of iOS you’re running on your iPad, as well as the version of the browser you’re using?

Thank you :slight_smile:

With pleasure: iPad OS 16.2, most recent versions of Safari (no version number on its own, since part of iPadOS 16.2) and Edge (108.1462.77). The bug exists in both browsers, as one would expect, since they both use webkit on iOS. An upgrade to iPad 16.3 did not have any effect either.