Custom field creation drops custom label data

I am using the Asana Python library. I can (and did) create various custom fields before. Recently, i wanted to create a custom field with the format ‘custom’, the ‘custom_label’ set to a symbol and the ‘custom_label_position’ set to prefix. The custom field gets created, but never with those attributes, they are just dropped. However, if i set them through the Asana browser app afterwards and then get the custom field via API call, those attributes appear in the received custom field dictionary. Why can the custom attributes not be created through API in the first place? It’s even in the API docs example…

My custom field dictionary which is passed to the ‘client.custom_fields.create_custom_field()’ function:

    "enabled": True,
    "name": "Sum test",
    "description": "Sum of points planned for this task",
    "precision": 1,
    "resource_type": "custom_field",
    "resource_subtype": "number",
    "custom_label": "A ",
    "custom_label_position": "prefix",
    "format": "custom",
    "is_global_to_workspace": True,
    "has_notifications_enabled": False,
    "workspace": MYWORKSPACE,

I checked the custom field schema description, my dict values seem correct…what am I missing? Why is this not working? Is it my mistake or some bug?






Could you help with this issue?