CSV Export Components

I am struggling too trying to build report to showcase the velocity of a sprint, using excel pivoting and not having section is having me to do it manually. Not a good experience when everyone is working on sprints

Hello, regarding the “:” to identify the sections, it does not appear in the csv that I export. What is the cause of that?

Hi guys.
I am using Asana Premium and we need export a Project to a CSV File.
How do we can export Marks and Section as a column?

It was comming as a row at column “Name”.

Can you help me solv this?


I am trying to create a .csv export in ASANA with custom fields. When I export my project none of my custom fields are exported. When I create a custom report, none of my custom fields show on screen. I set all of the custom fields up last year at budget time to make my process more efficient. This worked last year. Any ideas as to why it would not be working now?